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Celebrating 150 Years of Corunna, Michigan

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Here's what news looked like in Corunna then.

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In fact, through the years, there were numerous Corunna-based newspapers:

The Shiawassee Democrat published by William B. Sherwood, 1841-1843

Shiawassee Democrat and Owosso Argus published by M.H. Clark, 1848-1851

The Corunna Weekly Courier published by William B. Pulis, 1859-?

The Shiawassee American (aka The Shiawassee County American) published by John M. Ingersoll, 1862-?

Shiawassee County Atlas published by Atlas Pub. Co., 1874-?

Shiawassee County Journal published by Ward Ingerson, 1880-1887

The Corunna Journal published by E.U. Gorsuch, 1887-1913

The Independent published by Moreau & Peacock, 1884-1935

The Corunna Mail published by Dreman & Logan, 1885-?

The Corunna News published by Louis N. Sheardy, 1935-1949

The Shiawassee News published by Kathryn Sheardy, 1950-?

And, of course...

Corunna Now News published by Josh Strickland, 2014-NOW


Corunna, Michigan History

It wasn't until 1869 that Corunna was formally incorporated as a village, but the beginnings of Corunna, named after Corunna, Spain, can be traced back to the late 1830s.

It was in 1837 that Corunna was platted and in 1840 that it became the Shiawassee County seat.

Andrew Mack, one in a group of businessmen that called themselves the Shiawassee County Seat Company, is credited with naming our fair city.

Mack is buried in Corunna, Canada, a town that he also had a hand in developing.

This map, published in 1859, a full ten years before Corunna became a village, features images of structures in Corunna, including the first Shiawassee County court house.

[Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.]


Here's what Corunna-Caledonia Fire Department looked like then.

In 2018, Corunna's downtown suffered a tragic fire that destroyed the historic Cavalier Bar building.  But it's not the first devastating fire the city has suffered.  In fact, 110 years prior, Corunna High School burned until nothing but a shell remained.  It was replaced with the new Union School in 1912, which later became known as Shiawassee Street School.  The 100-plus year old school was recently renovated to become the senior housing complex, Cavalier Greene.


The dam at Heritage Park in Corunna once supplied power to a grist mill.  The mill was built in the 1840s and burned in the 1950s.  It was probably some of these Corunna firefighters pictured below, photographed in the 1950s, who battled the blaze.


Left: Old 372

A big thank you to Tim Vermande ( who shared these photos with us that he snapped of Corunna-Caledonia's fire apparatus in 1978.

An intiative was recently launched which hopes to build a memorial to Shiawassee County firefighters that have perished in the line of duty.  The memorial is to include a facility that will be home to Owosso's first gas fire engine, a 1921 American LaFrance Chain Driven.

No Corunna-Caledonia firefighters in the department's history have been lost while on the job, according to information listed at  Visit the link to learn more and offer financial support to the project.


More Corunna history coming soon!