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Celebrating 150 Years of Corunna, Michigan

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Here's what news looked like in Corunna then.

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In fact, through the years, there were numerous Corunna-based newspapers:

The Shiawassee Democrat published by William B. Sherwood, 1841-1843

Shiawassee Democrat and Owosso Argus published by M.H. Clark, 1848-1851

The Corunna Weekly Courier published by William B. Pulis, 1859-?

The Shiawassee American (aka The Shiawassee County American) published by John M. Ingersoll, 1862-?

Shiawassee County Atlas published by Atlas Pub. Co., 1874-?

Shiawassee County Journal published by Ward Ingerson, 1880-1887

The Corunna Journal published by E.U. Gorsuch, 1887-1913

The Independent published by Moreau & Peacock, 1884-1935

The Corunna Mail published by Dreman & Logan, 1885-?

The Corunna News published by Louis N. Sheardy, 1935-1949

The Shiawassee News published by Kathryn Sheardy, 1950-?

And, of course...

Corunna Now News published by Josh Strickland, 2014-NOW


More Corunna history coming soon!